Smart Choice One-Pay Lease

Smart Choice at Land Rover Clearwater logo with keys getting handed to owner in background

With Smart Choice, you can pay for your term up front and enjoy additional savings, while paying only for the best years of your vehicle’s life while it is still new and under warranty.

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No Monthly Payment
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Tax Advantage
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Easy to Upgrade
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Vehicle Warranty

Most consider new vehicle terms as arrangements with due at signing and monthly payments, and while this is the basic structure of a contract, it is not the only one. With Smart Choice, you can enjoy additional savings and benefits by paying for your term up front.

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Interior Dash and Cockpit of the New Range Rover

If you embrace the idea of getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle every few years, Smart Choice may be the right choice for you. With Smart Choice, you’re not inhibited by the overall price of the vehicle because you only pay for the portion that you use. You can consider vehicles with more options, trade in your vehicle for the latest model more frequently and align the term to the vehicle warranty period for greater peace of mind.

With Smart Choice, you get to experience a new car more frequently with shorter contract length and pay only for the best miles of a vehicles life while it is still under warranty. Smart Choice allows you to worry less about depreciation and at the end of your Smart Choice period, you can return the car or take a buyout option.

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